My name is Nicole. I’m a first-time mom as of October 2013. I’m suddenly empathetic to all of those moms who I scoffed at during plane trips or judged harshly at restaurants when their child(ren) created noise pollution that infringed on my own enjoyment.

I’ve cried on many occasions in the pediatrician’s office, forgotten the diaper bag at home, put poopy baby clothes in the trash can of the county courthouse after the little guy had a super blowout, and inadvertently hit the panic button on my keychain when the baby was (finally) sleeping. I’ve also accidentally poured coffee on my pancakes instead of syrup while eating breakfast at a restaurant with a friend.

At the time I started this blog, my son was four months old, and I hadn’t showered or brushed my teeth yet that day.

My posts may be infrequent. I’m trying to balance motherhood, friendships, my relationship, my writing life, and my teaching job. In the midst of this, I will be documenting some of my new-mom bloopers in short form.

Thanks for being part of the journey.

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